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PDWelcome to the Professional Development section of the website.  Here you will find helpful resources and guidelines designed to help you in your professional development.
If you don't find what you are looking for, let us know and we will add it to the website.  Thank you for your interest in the Professional Development program at Ballinger ISD.

Apple Professional Development
1:1 Classroom Management and Routines

Visual Literacy Presentation 

Gordon's Visual Literacy Presentation was based partly on Lynne Burmark's book: 

Visual Literacy: Learn to See, See to Learn

available for ~$20 on Amazon

PDF of Gordon's Presentation

Bloom's Taxonomy Resources:

Matching Bloom's Taxonomy with Digital 21st Century Student Skills

More in depth treatment of the Digital Bloom's taxonomy with ideas for implementation: Link

Managing the 1:1 Classroom Resources:

ISTE NETS (National Educational Technology Standards) for students

Please create a Technology Integrated Lesson Plan where the students are using some of the skills you have learned over the summer with your laptop.

Each lesson plan should include:

  1. Learning Objective(s) for:
    • Content Area
    • Technology Skills
    • Visual Literacy
  2. Description of Student Activity
    • What will the students do?
    • What will they need to be shown/taught/step sheets?
    • What is the time frame for activity
  3. Complete one NETS students standards template (example and template below)
  4. Provide an assessment rubric that reflects your Learning Objectives
    • Articulate for the students what kinds of things you will track progress on
    • Articulate for the students what their final product will be assessed by