Ballinger ISD Library


The mission of the Ballinger ISD Library is to make available to faculty and students a collection of material that will enrich and support the curriculum and meet the needs of the students and faculty served.

The main objective of collection development in the library is to provide the students with a wide range of educational materials on all levels of difficulty and in a variety of formats with diversity of appeal, allowing for the presentation of many different viewpoints.

All gift items should meet the criteria established in the selection policy; gifts may be rejected if they would not have been acquired with school library funds.The librarian may accept, decline and dispose of gift items according to his/her discretion. Donor plates are an effective way to acknowledge donations. An acceptable alternative is an attractive book in which donors are listed.

In order to maintain a collection of useful materials which meet the educational, informational, and recreational needs of users, the collection is periodically examined for the purpose of physical maintenance; weeding, replacing or repairing materials. In general, decisions to withdraw library materials are based upon these conditions: poor physical condition, outdated and/or inaccurate information, and low use. Withdrawn materials are disposed of in accordance with policies of BISD. The decision to replace materials is based upon: number of duplicate copies, extent of adequate coverage of the subject area, existence of similar materials in the collection, and demand for the particular title.

Checkout limits, overdue fees, and length of checkout time will be determined by each library based on the criteria developed by teachers and librarian. Fines may be charged for late materials, damaged materials (including destroyed materials), and lost materials. The amount charged may include cost of replacement of materials, processing of materials, and any other unforeseen expense.