The Tradition Begins Here

Students, parents & teachers,

Welcome back! I want to start by expressing how great it is to be part of Ballinger Elementary School. We have an amazing staff of dedicated, passionate teachers who love students and enjoy helping them along their educational journey. I enjoy getting to know the students here at BES. These students show me everyday their desire to learn. We have terrific students and I am proud to be their Principal.

  I want to encourage parents to be involved with BES throughout the school year.  You can sign up to be a room parent, help with class parties or become an active member of PTO. Involved parents are vital to the success of our students. I hope that you will find an area where you can be a part of your child’s class and school this year.

  I wish everyone a great start to the school year. If you ever need anything, feel free to come by and visit!