Lock Down 4/22

Good morning.


The following is information pertaining to the lockdown at Ballinger ISD this morning, Monday, April 22nd.  Ballinger Police Chief Stan Maresch called Superintendent Jeff Butts and suggested all Ballinger ISD campuses be place in a lockdown.  All campuses were immediately locked down.  Mr. Butts was informed that the Ballinger Police Department was looking for a person who they had good reason to believe was suicidal and was armed and dangerous.  The campuses were put on lockdown as a precautionary measure.  Once Chief Maresch informed Mr. Butts that the person had been detained, the campuses were released from the lock down and classes resumed on the normal schedule.


As a result of the lockdown, school staff members were instructed to be observant of any students who were visibly upset by the lockdown. The staff members were instructed to send any upset students to speak with the student’s campus counselor. 


Mr. Butts would like to thank the quick resolution to the disturbance by all local law enforcement entities.  The Ballinger ISD administration team will be meeting as soon as possible and going over the school district’s emergency operation plan as it relates to events such as this to see what areas of the plan worked and what areas of the plan are needed to be improved upon as a result of this morning’s lockdown.           



Jeff Butts
Ballinger ISD

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