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Technology Responsible Use Guidelines

The Ballinger Independent School District (the “District”) is pleased to make available to employees (faculty, staff, consultants, contractors, temporary‐hires, and others), students, and approved parent and guest users access to the interconnected computer information systems within the District (the “Network”) and to the world‐wide network that provides various means of accessing significant and varied materials and opportunities (commonly known as the “Internet”).

Ballinger ISD (BISD) provides users access to the District’s electronic communications system for educational purposes.  The District’s computer systems and networks (system) are any configuration of hardware and software. The electronic communications system includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Telephones, cellular telephones, and voicemail technologies;
  • Email accounts;
  • Servers and network equipment;
  • Computer hardware (including mobile devices, tablets, i-devices) and peripherals;
  • Software including operating system software and application software;
  • Digitized information including stored text, data files, email, digital images, and video and audio files;
  • Internally or externally accessed databases, applications, or tools (Online/Internet- or District-server based);
  • District-provided filtered Internet access;
  • District-provided filtered guest Wi-Fi; and
  • New technologies as they become available.

These technologies, when properly used, promote educational excellence in the District by facilitating resource sharing, innovation, and communication. Illegal, unethical or inappropriate use of these technologies can have dramatic consequences, harming the District, its students and its employees. These Responsible Use Guidelines are intended to minimize the likelihood of such harm by educating District system users and setting standards which will serve to protect the District. The District firmly believes that digital resources, information and interaction available on the computer/network/Internet far outweigh any disadvantages.

In order for the District to be able to continue to make its Network and the Internet access available, all users must take responsibility for appropriate and lawful use of this access. Users must understand that one person’s misuse of the District technology hardware or software, Network and/or the Internet access may jeopardize the ability of all to enjoy this access. While the District’s management and network administrators will make reasonable efforts to administer use of the Network and Internet access, they must have user cooperation in exercising and promoting responsible use of this access.